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April 21st lancaster speedway

April 27th Antioch speedway

Results: Lancaster Super Speedway



4-21-18 Lancaster speedway event #4 Results.
Mike huey
David Minton
Matthew huey
David Yandle
Kevin Godwin
Shaun medlin
LD shumate
Brian Carswell
Reggie primus
Matthew nance (DQ)Did not pass post race droop rule.
Tommy jones (DNS)

*Fastest qualifier (Matthew nance)
**H&M Truck world dash winner (Matthew nance)
***highest finishing 604 Crate engine (Matthew huey)
**** American racer hard charger Bonus (Matthew Huey)



We would to let all racers know we have more coming to the teams beside just a purse for remaining 2018 season!!!!!

We are excited about added about 70 companies to offer more to our racers!!!!!!

THE Contingency Connection




Reminder our new droop rule for 2018 has never said Your Car must have underslug,So please don’t believe everything you hear!!!!!!!

See everyone next sat march 24th at lancaster super speedway.......

Rules update


-------2018 body rule update-------------
1-PRE RACE Body height rule between 37 to 39 inches (No Exceptions)

2-POST RACE Body height rear deck (NO HIGHER then 49 inches checked at left rear with car jacked up till left rear tire will move forward or backwards being jacked up behind axle tube 1in Tollerance!!!!!! This is totally for safety measures and to keep all chassis on even playing feild.......

3rd - right front corner of nose can never be over 13 inches from ground.......with one 1in of tolerance!!!!!!!!

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