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july 28th Sumter speedway

August 4th East Lincoln speedway

Results:Sumter Speedway




Unofficial results from Friendship motor speedway August 11th 2018

1- Ricky Weeks (pending tire samples)
2- Bryson Harper
3- Daniel Tucker
4- chub Gunter
5- Jason Burroughs
6- David Wikle
7- brad Burkhart
8- Ld Shumate
9- David Minton
10- Josh Harris
11- Gary wood
12- Dylan Thornton
13- Jeff parsons
14- Bill Tesh
15- Jonathan Jennings
16- Matthew nance
17- Tommy Jones
18- Levi hicks
19- coty Tanquary
20- Jeremiah simonis
21- Micheal Tucker
22- John Eller
23- Randy ring



We would to let all racers know we have more coming to the teams beside just a purse for remaining 2018 season!!!!!

We are excited about added about 70 companies to offer more to our racers!!!!!!

THE Contingency Connection




Reminder our new droop rule for 2018 has never said Your Car must have underslug,So please don’t believe everything you hear!!!!!!!

See everyone next sat march 24th at lancaster super speedway.......

Rules update



-If you enter and race a blue ridge outlaw latemodel event without removing the roof
Please read this as it goes in effect
As of May 25th we will go back to our original (ROOF) rules package where a driver can race with blue ridge outlaw latemodels with their roof still on ,but they will not receive any weight break or burn off of any kind........,and NO added spoilers if roof is still on car

So cars with roof still on will have to be as listed below...

(Super engines )all aluminum engine will have to weight 2400lbs with the 50lbs in front of engine plate....added up 2450lbs

Supers with steel blocks 2400lbs all the time....

Steelheads and spec head engines 2350lbs all the time

Ford and GM (sealed)Crate engines equal to 604 and also and limited engines must be 2250lbs all the time

525 engines will be 2250lbs with 50lbs of that in front of mid plate all the time

______________New for 2018__________________
*****A protective mini roof (same size as halo) is recommended but not required at this time*****

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